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What a pleasure it is when home care aides receive the attention and respect they deserve. Recently, the Home Care Aide Council, the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, and Mass Home Care pitched together to honor the more than 60,000 aides in Massachusetts by naming June 24 Home Care Aide Recognition Day. In addition, the stories of more than 100 dedicated aides will be posted online. You can learn all about it in this article.

Advanced Home Care Services (AHCS) serves elderly and infirm clients throughout southern, middle, and eastern Massachusetts. We are especially proud that two of our home health aides have been selected for special attention: Mariya Tashchuk and Denise Da Costa, who have both received praise for their hard work, dedication, kindness, and compassion.

Mariya and Denise are just part of a staff of about 300 home care aides employed by AHCS. The others have received the same deep-dive training, gained the same certifications and licenses, and, in many cases, achieved the same level of one-on-one experience, the kind that makes a good home care aide a great one.

All this means even more in a world grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, home care aides must exhibit strong professionalism to protect both their health and that of their clients. They must follow CDC guidelines to the letter – and in fact, the aides and nurses at AHCS are trained to do even more than is recommended. For more information, take a look at these three previous blog posts.

So congratulations to Mariya, Denise, and all the other home care aides at AHCS – as well as the some 59,700 other aides across the state! We are so proud of you – especially at a time when the demands on you are so intense. You are at the front lines of a battle to protect elderly and infirm people who need your help more than ever before. We deeply respect you and are happy that a day has been named in your honor.

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