Mar 25
employee of the month

Congratulations to Our Employee of the Month, Ken!

Today we would like to say a huge Thank You to Ken for his continuous, outstanding and genuine care for his clients. We are so grateful to have you on our team!

“I am glad to be a part of a really nice team and pleased to be Employee of the Month. I am looking forward to being useful further.

Back in the 90s I moved to the States with my mother, so there are just her and me. I am greatly thankful for the help AHCS provided to her. At my first job I was working as an engineer. I started to work at AHCS about the same time I settled in MA. My hometown is Newton now. Previously, I gained my experience as a medical interpreter/translator. During that time, I was recognized by the company as one of the most requested interpreters and helpers for elderly within Russian speaking community.

I have pertinent to the present work credentials, which are a degree in translations and a certificate on medical interpretation. Though, my help to elderly people usually was far beyond the interpretation. Frankly speaking, I treat our ward people almost as family members, and they pay me back with their warmest appreciation. So, there are no restrictions for them to contact me for any issues even if I am not on duty.

There were cases that I couldn’t accept, and I am very sorry for that, though the team members demonstrated their great professionalism, understanding and patience. And nothing spoiled our further contacts.

Trust and respect are my favorite parts working at AHCS as well as the nice and friendly atmosphere provided by the whole team. Care, trust and quality are three words that I would use to describe AHCS. I enjoy being there where people need me and appreciate my support. While working with people with various problems, I am able to find a clue for their status improvement. And I am happy that it is being noticed by their family members.

I would describe myself as versatile, motivated and detail oriented. Besides my work, I am developing a variety of tours to Armenia, and l periodically develop photo exhibitions in the country and overseas. Photography and success in other areas of my activities – that is what energizes me outside of my work. When I am having a bad day I try to calm down and to keep in mind that nothing is eternal.

I really enjoy the whole AHCS  team, and it is highly difficult to separate somebody who has influenced me the most when it comes to my approach to work… Meantime, like a collective image of the team, I would propose Isuf.

For new hires I would recommend to come aboard with no fears or concerns. Patience and thoughts about the desired results of our service, that is what helps me…”, shared Ken.

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