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Remember the film Driving Miss Daisy? The one in which an elderly woman, played by Jessica Tandy, is driven around town by Morgan Freeman? The movie makes you think that only wealthy people can hire a driver. But in fact, that’s not true. You, or your loved one, can be Miss Daisy too.

Everyone knows – especially the elderly – how worrisome driving can become as you grow older. As the National Institute on Aging notes, older people can suffer from a wide range of ailments that make it hard to drive, including stiff joints, trouble seeing, trouble hearing, and slow reaction times.

At some point, both the elderly and their family members may become concerned that driving is no longer an option. But if this happens, what do you do? Do you just stop driving? And if so – what then?

Fortunately, there’s an answer. As part of their range of services, many home care agencies will drive you or a loved one just about anywhere desired – including hair salons, doctor’s offices, stores, classes, and religious gatherings. This can be done on an ad hoc, private pay basis – all you need to do is pick up the phone. The service is remarkably affordable, and there are a variety of payment options that can make it less expensive still.

In many cases, you don’t need to have a full-time relationship with a home care agency to get someone to drive for you. But still, you might find its other services useful. In addition to driving, home care agencies can help you with homemaking such as vacuuming and meal planning, personal care such as assistance with hygiene and bathing, chores such as washing clothes and cleaning floors, and professional nursing services such as health checks and medication management.

If you decide to hire a home care agency, make sure you get a dedicated case manager to oversee your care. Also make sure that your home care aide is trained and fully certified, has received a background check, and has general liability and worker’s compensation. If you want your aide to drive you, the agency should make sure the aide has up-to-date driver’s insurance as well.

Getting older doesn’t need to mean staying in your home. You can get around town, even if you’re no longer comfortable driving. Just contact a home care agency, and they’ll send a driver to your residence. And you can feel like Miss Daisy – although Morgan Freeman may not be at the wheel! (Sorry.) 🙂

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