Mar 11


While browsing through a web archive the other day, we came across this little gem from the Home Care Association of America (HCAA). It’s a comprehensive but highly accessible report on the value of home care in the United States. It’s slightly dated (2016), and certainly some of the numbers have changed since then. Still, the conclusions ring true for the most part. But we have to say – what we like most about this report is its design! It’s big, blocky, colorful – and the text is plenty big for its intended recipients, the elderly. Then, to make things even simpler – the HCAA provides a long, beautiful infographic that summarizes the main points in the report in an evocative and entertaining way. Bravo, HCAA! We hope you’ll produce another report and infographic on the value of home care soon.

Here is the report:


Here is the infographic:


And here is the HCAA blog post where it all came together.


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