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It’s hard to believe that most of us have been isolated in some way or another for over half a year due to the COVID pandemic. And despite some encouraging signs, it doesn’t seem like we’ll return to normal soon.

During the past six months and more, essential workers – including police, medical professionals, grocery store clerks, and, yes, home care aides – have continued to deliver crucial services even during the darkest days of the epidemic. Now, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has named September as Emergency Preparedness Awareness Month to celebrate these essential workers and give us all a chance to thank them personally.

In a well-spoken and moving video, Governor Baker has mapped out the plan for the celebration, which is sponsored by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)



In one key measure, you are invited to print a Thank You certificate (in English or Spanish) that you can use to honor an essential worker or group. The governor notes that in addition to expressing your appreciation to workers directly, you can take pictures of the certificates and spread them via your social media pages. If you do, he urges you to use the hashtag #EPisEssential.

Meanwhile, MEMA will be inviting companies that provide essential services to participate in state activities associated with this effort. Soon, Advanced Home Care Services will nominate two aides to represent the agency in these events. We’ll keep you posted about their experiences on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Of course, no amount of thanks can pay sufficient tribute to the bravery and dedication of essential workers, including our own. Still, we should all do what we can. Please make sure you thank an essential worker or group this month – and get your social media rolling!

Art Kalenjian

CEO, Advanced Home Care Services

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