Congratulations To Our Employee Of The Month, Agustina Baez!

Agustina is careful, loving, patient, and well organized. She enjoys spending time with her family, and also enjoys helping others.

“I am from the Dominican Republic, and I graduated high school there. My first job was working as a cashier, and I had also previously worked as a lunch lady. I have two children, and they are my driving force to get work done. I balance my life with them and my career by spending time with my family on the weekends. I have also discovered I have a spiritual human side.

At AHCS, I have gained more experience and a greater amount of patience when working with others. Two words I have to describe AHCS overall is that the community here is very compassionate and patient. My favorite part about working here has to be helping my clients with their basic needs.

My advice to new hires at AHCS is to have a lot of patience. Sometimes people may need more time to get something done, and that is ok. At AHCS, I enjoy my flexible schedule. I am grateful to be able to make changes to it as needed. Lastly, the most important lesson I have learned in the past years is to stay organized. Being organized can be a real timesaver.”

We wish you, Agustina, success with your career here at AHCS and your future endeavors. We hope you remain passionate with your work and family!