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Employee Testimonials

Our staff members tell it all.

Our Caregivers Stick With Us

It’s common knowledge that the home care industry suffers from high turnover. That’s because many agencies don’t give employees strong incentives to stay. But we’re proud to say that Advanced Home Care Services has one of the highest retention rates in the business.

We understand that our direct care providers are our most important asset, and we do everything we can to let them know how important they are to us.

“We offer highly competitive wages and great benefits, including generous vacation time, mileage payments, and health insurance. Just as important, we listen carefully to what our employees have to say. That’s why our nurses and home care aides stick with Advanced. And our clients love it, because they’re more secure in the knowledge that they’ll be cared for by someone they know well.”

Art Kalenjian, General Manager

“The pay is competitive, and I love the benefits. Health insurance, paid vacations, and the flexibility to structure my time as I need to. At the same time, Advanced has given me a solid number of hours every week since I joined in 2010.”

“I’ve worked for other home care agencies, and sometimes I haven’t felt appreciated. But Advanced treats me well. My colleagues are always willing to help, and I know the managers care.”

“I was tired of punching a clock. Advanced lets me travel and meet people. And I love knowing I’m helping people stay in their own homes. I feel like I’m making a difference in their lives.”

“Conflicts are well handled. Management listens carefully to all sides, and I think their decisions are usually balanced and fair.”

“I can’t believe they help pay for certification tuition!”

“The caseloads are reasonable and flexible.”

“I’ve worked with other agencies, and I can tell you the people in those places leave all the time. But not at Advanced. I’ve worked with some of my coworkers for years, and we’ve become close friends. We stick around because the agency treats us with kindness and respect. And I know our clients like seeing familiar faces.”