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Home Health Aide Curriculum

This free coursework will teach you everything you need to know.

A 75-hour program conducted by our professional instructors is all you need to become a Certified Home Health Aide. Our training course satisfies all federal and state requirements and will allow you to work at any skilled or non-skilled home care agency as a Certified Home Health Aide. The course outline is as follows:

  1. Program Orientation: 3 hours
  2. Human Growth and Development: 3 hours
  3. The Older Adult in Society: 3 hours
  4. Communication: 3 hours
  5. Individuals and Families: 3 hours
  6. Special Problems/Abuse: 4 hours
  7. Death and Dying: 3 hours
  8. Nutrition: 3 hours
  9. Home Management: 3 hours
  10. Home Safety: 3 hours
  11. Blood Borne Diseases and Universal Precautions: 4 hours
  12. Client Health Part I: 4 hours
  13. Client Health Part II: 4 hours

Home Maker Exam

  1. Intro to Personal Care (Hygiene, Grooming, Appliances): 4 hours
  2. Personal Care (Elimination, ROM, Pressure Sores, Bed making): 4 hours
  3. Personal Care (Ostomy care, Elastic Stockings, Dressings, Vital Signs): 4 hours
  4. Rehabilitation Procedures/Process: 4 hours
  5. HHA’s role in Nutrition, Meds, O2, Confidentiality, Reporting, Medical Abbreviations: 4 hours
  6. Hospice: 3 hours

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HHA Class Curriculum