Congratulations To Our Employee Of The Month, Carolyn Nolan!

Carolyn, your hard work and your dedication is undoubtedly an inspiration to many. You have turned out to be an essential asset to our team. You do everything with great diligence and energy, your dedication has resulted in your well-deserved award of the employee of the month.

“My hometown is Westport, MA. I was working as a babysitter when I was 13 y.o, and worked as a bartender for years. I also help my husband and it is a landscaping business! I’ve been married to Frank (54) for 8 years. My daughter Alyssa is 28 y.o, she is a dental hygienist, I have 2 stepdaughters Ryan (26) and Lily (24), granddaughters Natalia (12) and Rae (1 ½), all the joy in my life. Working at AHCS has made me realize how much clients need the services that we provide, and it brings me joy when my clients are happy and smiling when I see them and it makes my day. I’ve always been a person to help and take care of others. When I decided to become a CNA/HHA it just made sense that this job fits me and my personality, my commitment to others, family, friends and work! I’ve been for AHCS for 3 1/2 years and it’s been rewarding to be a part of the AHCS team & family. I have the flexibility of being out on the road, visiting those who are in need of our services. It makes me feel good that I’m part of a family working at AHCS! AHCS is giving, caring and understanding. Balancing a job and home for me isn’t too bad, because my daughter is all grown up with a family of her own. I am  honest, devoted, and loving. I put my heart into my work because someday, I hope, I will have the same care that I provide every day for my clients. Knowing my clients can count on me to be there for them, that is what I enjoy the most in my role. For anyone just starting I would recommend to always be kind, you may be the one that brightens their day! When I have a bad day I put my radio on and listen to my favorite music. I also like decorating my home!”

Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your story with us. We once again congratulate you and wish you all the best for your future!