Aug 11

Congratulations to Our Employee of the Month, Lira!

“I’ve been working for AHCS for two and a half years and gained in-depth knowledge in working and caring for elderly. I would describe AHCS as supportive, caring and helpful agency. My favorite part is the flexibility and good matches with clients. I enjoy being there for my clients and ensuring their well-being.

My hometown is Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Our culture of caring for elderly with respect has influenced me the most. I’ve been working in this field for 11 years now. I studied in Kyrgyzstan and have a masters degree in economics. My first job was in sales. One interesting fact about me – I have given a speech at the UN. Before working at AHCS, I was a founder of a non-profit organization for women’s rights. In my organization, we worked against domestic violence, human trafficking, and labor exploitation.

I have four daughters and an amazing little granddaughter. My husband also works at AHCS. The most important thing I’ve learned is to have a good work-family balance. I balance work and family by making sure to put my energy where I am at the time. At work, I’m focused on work, and at home I spend quality time with family. Taking time to reset when having a bad day helps to turn things around. I enjoy gardening and home-improvement projects the most.

In my role as a HHA I often serve as a listening ear to our clients. My advice for new HHAs would be to remember that we also will be getting old at some point,” said Lira.

Thank you, Lira, for doing a great job and always being determined, hard-working and kind towards everyone!

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