Congratulations To Our Employee Of The Month, Mixna Ramirez!

Mixna is respectful, responsible, friendly, social, honest, shy and sensitive, and gets along with everyone around her! She has always worked hard putting all her energy into it and getting the best outcome out of every responsibility.

“I am from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I finished my high school, studied at Administration University for some time, and took different technical courses. I have two kids and just recently I lost my husband, so I am the support for my home now. The most interesting job that I had was managing a Spa Salon in my country for almost 15 years.

I would describe AHCS as a family group that is dedicated to their duty with professionalism. Working at AHCS I have gained my experience, knowledge, and humanity for others. I like work-life balance at AHCS. My favorite part of the job is that I am able to serve those people who need our help so much, I feel useful. I enjoy customer satisfaction. On two occasions I found my clients on the ground. These situations could go wrong if I wouldn’t be there on time. I tell myself that I saved their lives by helping them.

For new hires I would recommend to carry out their work humanely as if they were taking care of their grandparents or their parents with respect and kindness, learn to understand customers, and have patience with them. My parents have influenced me the most when it comes to how I approach my work. If I have a bad day, I go shopping before I get home and this way I let go of all the negatives. Sharing with the family my greatest treasure, it gives me energy to move forward.”

We hope that you, Mixna, will keep the same spirit in the future and we all wish you the very best for your further achievements.