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Care Process

We follow a rigorous procedure to provide the care you need.

STEP 1: Free In-Home Senior Care Consultation

Our Director of Care will visit in person with you and your loved ones wherever it’s most convenient for you. She’ll provide you with information about our agency, and listen carefully to your in-home senior care needs and expectations. Don’t worry if you’re not 100 percent sure what type and level of service will best meet your needs at this time. Based on the information you provide, she can help you determine how to best maximize our services. During our complementary visit you’ll learn about:

  • Our company and philosophy
  • What types of private home care we offer
  • How we select our caregivers
  • How we match clients and caregivers
  • How we monitor client care
  • How we update a client’s care plan
  • Our pricing and payment structure

If you wish, our Director of Care can design a personal in-home senior care plan during this visit.

STEP 2: Registered Nurse Visit (optional)

Depending on the level and type of care needed, you can request to meet with one of our registered nurses. She can conduct a full nursing assessment and answer any additional questions you may have. Once she has gathered this information, and with your approval, she will develop a tailored care plan that best meets your short- or long-term goals and objectives.

STEP 3: Caregiver Selection

Our seasoned human resources staff excels at identifying, matching and cultivating client-caregiver relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust. Based on your input and the information we gather during our meeting(s), we will carefully select a caregiver who best matches your needs. The criteria we consider to determine the perfect fit includes:

  • Personality traits (of both caregiver and client)
  • Client expectations
  • Level and type of in-home senior care needed
  • How receptive client is to non-family assistance

STEP 4: Service Confirmation and Follow-up

Once we have selected your caregiver, an AHCS case manager will contact you by phone to confirm the scope of services and the service start date and address any unanswered questions or concerns. Depending on your needs, services can start as early as one week from our initial consultation.

STEP 5: Meet Your Caregiver (optional)

It’s important that our clients and their families are comfortable and at ease with their designated caregiver; a positive client-caregiver relationship enables us to provide optimal care to your loved one and peace of mind for you. If you wish, we will arrange a mutually convenient meeting time prior to the first scheduled day of service.

If, at any time during our course of service, you or your loved one is not satisfied with our choice of caregiver, we will be happy to select someone you feel will better serve your needs.

STEP 6: First Day of In-Home Senior Care Service

Our client’s level of comfort with our staff and home care services is of utmost importance. On the first scheduled day of in-home senior care, our caregiver will be accompanied by an AHCS field supervisor. The field supervisor will provide oversight and direction, answer client or caregiver questions, and ensure compliance with your loved one’s plan of care. Depending on the circumstances and the client’s level of comfort, the field supervisor will stay a minimum of one hour and/or up to the full duration of the visit.

STEP 7: Follow-up, Oversight & Communication

Our Director of Care provides oversight for all companion and licensed aides. Caregivers communicate regularly with field surpervisors, nurses and office staff, and report each day to their scheduling coordinator. All caregivers are trained to immediately report any concerns or problems to their field supervisor.

On a quarterly basis (or as designated in the in-home senior care plan), an AHCS nurse will visit the client’s home to check on your loved one, assess caregiver service, and ensure compliance with the care plan. If there are changes in your loved one’s cognitive or physical status, our nurse will contact you directly to discuss the situation and/or recommend changes to the care plan.

Our dedicated, experienced office staff is available by phone, fax, or email to address questions or concerns from clients or family members. We staff our hotline 24/7 and can respond immediately in the event of an emergency. If your caregiver falls ill or goes on vacation, we will assign a temporary caregiver promptly (and notify you by phone) so there is no interruption in service.

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