Spring Provider Meet And Greet Event

On Thursday, May 26th of 2022, WestMass ElderCare (WMEC) hosted its annual Spring Provider Meet and Greet event, bringing providers and WMEC staff together. Meet and Greet event is a great way for organizers to meet in person with vendors’ agencies staff and learn more about services that are provided by the vendors and to get to know each other. The main idea behind these kinds of events is that it provides a casual, comfortable, low-key setting for connection and better communication between WestMass ElderCare case managers and Advanced Home Care case coordinators, developing mutually beneficial relationships. Among participants who attended the event in person were our own Art Kalenjian, CEO of AHCS, Sandra Afizi, Coordinator and Olive Githogori, Manager of Client Services.

WestMass ElderCare (WMEC) is a private, non-profit agency located in Holyoke, MA. Since 1974, they have served the community by providing information, resources, and long-term care services to older adults and people with disabilities, so they can remain comfortable in their homes. WestMass ElderCare (WMEC) is designated by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA) as an Aging Services Access Point and an Area Agency on Aging, and contracts with EOEA for a number of programs. WMEC has a strong network of relationships with local and statewide organizations, and contracts with more than 40 provider agencies for services such as personal care, homemaking, home health aide, medication dispensing devices, transportation, chore service, adult day health, and personal emergency response devices. Advanced Home Care Services is proud to have great business relationships with WMEC and we are always looking forward to attending WMEC annual Meet and Greet events.

Why are Meet and Greet events important at AHCS?

Advanced Home Care Services has a collaborative culture, so developing relationships across the agency and beyond is critical.

AHCS is proud to help many Corporate Partners provide health and home care needs to people throughout our home care service area:

Whether you manage a hospital, hospice, visiting nurse association, government agency, or any other organization that provides home care for the elderly and infirm, our agency can provide the resources and personnel your company needs on a subcontract basis. That’s why AHCS is at the forefront of such events.

We would like to thank WestMass ElderCare for their work in organizing the event. And thanks to all who attended!