Stress Relief Techniques For Caregivers And Their Loved Ones

According to Mayo Clinic, more caregiving is being provided by people who aren’t health care professionals. About 1 in 3 adults in the United States provides care to other adults as informal caregivers. However, family members who are actively caring for an older adult often don’t self-identify as a “caregiver.” Recognizing this role can help caregivers receive the support they need.

Caregiving can be stressful and rewarding at the same time. Feeling occasional stress is normal and a sign that your reflexes are functioning properly. However, prolonged stress can have negative effects on our health. Chronic stress may cause symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, depression, Irritability, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and more.

Here are some tips to help you prevent or manage caregiver stress

Set realistic goals: Realistic goals help you identify not only what you want but also what you can achieve.

Accept help: Accepting help from others can be difficult. Whenever you need help, just ask for it. Give others an opportunity to help you. 

Join a support group: Support groups connect people facing similar challenges where you can share personal experiences and feelings, and provide emotional support.

Exercise: Exercise in any form can act as a stress reliever and distract you from daily worries.

Take time for yourself: Taking time for self-care is key if you want to be productive and live a happy life.

Talk to your loved one and your family: Communication brings people closer to each other.

Take care of your health: It is important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind to stay healthy, happy and boost your well-being.

How can I tell if caregiving is putting too much stress on me?

Look for signs of stress overload such as: sleep problems (sleeping too much or not enough); social withdrawal; anxiety or irritability; excessive anger toward the person you care for, your family, or yourself; health problems; feeling overwhelmed or helpless. If you think you are suffering from stress overload or depression, call your family doctor who can help you manage your feelings and stress.

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