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Jan 11

Top 14 Questions to Help Identify the Right Caregivers for Your Loved One

Today, caregivers are in short supply. Great caregivers are even more difficult to find. Yet there is a high demand for attentive, respectful, and good-natured caregivers. This checklist is designed to help you ask the right questions so you can identify a team of exceptional caregivers who you and your loved one can trust.

The Hiring Process & Ongoing Training

  • How do you identify great caregivers (from job boards like Indeed, word-of-mouth, other)?
  • What is your caregiver screening and interview process?
  • Do you conduct criminal background checks prior to hiring your caregivers?
  • Do you call professional references prior to hiring your caregivers?
  • Are your caregivers insured?
  • If transportation is needed, does your company review the caregiver’s driving records?
  • Are your caregivers hired as W2 (employees) or 1099 (contractors)?
  • Once hired, do you provide client-specific training and Care Plan review prior to sending caregivers into a client’s home for the first time?

Matching Caregivers with Clients

  • How does your company ensure that a caregiver’s expertise and experience aligns with each client’s unique needs including clients experiencing cognitive decline – including Alzheimer’s, mobility issues – including Parkinson’s, or perhaps behavioral concerns?
  • What questions does your company ask in order to understand the personality and temperament of the caregiver, client and any involved client family members?
  • Does your company screen to be sure caregivers are comfortable caring for clients who own pets?

Type of Care Provided

  • Do your caregivers provide Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) support – including showering, toileting, dressing, etc?
  • Do your caregivers provide Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s) support – including light housekeeping, laundry, changing bed linens, preparing meals, medication reminders, shopping, and driving to appointments?

Caregiver Supervision and Client Communication

  • How often does your company communicate with caregivers, clients and/or client family members?

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Written by Susan Z. Robins