Dec 11

Congratulations to Our Employee of the Month, Moses Paulson!

Truthful, compassionate, diligent, friendly, hard-working, kind – only a few words to describe Moses but they say a lot!
“Before working at AHCS I was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in nursing homes.  After working for my clients and going to another job, the rest of my time I devote to family activities. I would describe AHCS as a caring, non racist and devoted agency. Working at AHCS I gained a good exposure – meaning I can handle different tasks as demanded by different clients. I like to take care and help people (clients) that are in dire need.
I have a High school certificate equivalent to GED, certificate in Animal Health (Diploma) and I have been working for more than 9 years as an aide. Back home from the country I come from, I was an Administrator, Veterinary Medic. Now in America – I am a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am also a Church Minister (a Pastor, a Preacher, a Priest to the Most High God). My hometown is Worcester, MA.
My wife and my son are both nurses and my daughter wants to be a Doctor or a Pharmacist or a Nurse Practitioner (BSN). As we privately talk, we always agree to do to others as we would want it to be done to us.
Satisfaction in my heart, for a job well done NB the pay (our salary) is little but to me money is not everything. When clients say “thank you very much for helping me” to me that is an unexplainable joy. To perform my duties with all sincereness from the heart, and where there will be no accusing finger being pointed at me.
Sometimes I pray for my clients, buy cleaning detergents from my own pocket and give Godly related counselling.
For new hires I would recommend to always be humble, be of good tolerance and full of great endurance no matter what situation you may face, or find yourself in. Because some clients that we work for may be mentally derailed.
Whatever job or task that is assigned to you, do it with a pure and clean heart, either you’re being supervised or not and God in Heaven will see your good deeds and will bless or reward you greatly.
Sociology teaches to walk away from the situation, re-approach the scenery later.
Outside of my work The spirit of God energizes me. It is good and always sweet to know and believe that God is always in control of everything, everywhere and every situation. The Almighty good Lord will never let you down”, shared Moses.
Thank you so much, Moses, for your hard work!!!

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