Jun 25


With the warmth and freedom of summer fast approaching, it’s important to get the seniors in your life outdoors. High-quality in-home senior care makes it possible for seniors to maintain a happy, healthy life at home. Home care services make it easier than ever to get fulfillment out of the simple things in life. Getting outdoors for a picnic, taking a walk, relaxing by the pool, or taking a family vacation to the beach are all made easier with private duty care.

Even seniors with mobility problems can get out for some fresh air. All it takes is a little dedication and creativity on your part to get them active again after being cooped up inside all winter. US News and World Report says getting sunlight gives us precious Vitamin D, which can improve our mood and sleep, provide protection from autoimmune diseases, and even lessen Alzheimer’s symptoms. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones — a crucial component to any senior’s diet.

At a Loss for Appropriate Summer Activities for Seniors?

Wondering what to do with your aging loved one outdoors? We’ve got some great ideas on summer activities for seniors. Why not take your loved one to your grandchild’s sports game? From soccer to baseball, kids’ games usually don’t run as long as professional ones, so getting out of the house for an hour or two isn’t as big of a deal. And they’ll be sure to cherish those moments watching their grandchild or even great grandchild score that winning goal. Go on a tour of your capital city. Chances are, you’ve traveled all over the country and possibly even the world, but when’s the last time you took an open-air trolley or bus tour of your native city? You’ll learn lots of fun facts and get fresh air while doing it. If you’ve got a pool, invite your aging mom or dad for a dip. Depending on their level of mobility, they may dip a toe in the water or they may be able to engage in some simple water aerobics to get the muscles moving again. Share a lemonade in the shade and reconnect. The best part about all of these summer activities is that it gives you both a chance to bond again and remember the good ‘ole days — all while making new memories. What are some of your favorite summer activities for seniors?

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