Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring begins on Monday, March 20th. The promise of spring flowers and milder temps is accompanied by the tasks associated with spring cleaning your home. It’s a time to declutter, reorganize, clear the cobwebs, throw open the windows, and utterly refresh your abode. Some folks really enjoy this yearly ritual. On the other hand, heavy chores can be too physically demanding for others. In order to cut the job down to size, we’ve got some helpful spring cleaning tips for seniors and their caregivers. Our home health aides are here to help if you need any assistance.

Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?

~ Neltje Blanchan


Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

  1. Declutter – do this first because it will make cleaning easier overall. Make piles for items that you wish to keep, put into storage, donate, and throw away. Once you have things out of the way, it will be easier to get down to the real task at hand – spring cleaning!
  2. Room by room – dedicate your time and energy to one room at a time. Otherwise, it is too hard to stay focused or feel as if you’ve made any headway. Spring cleaning a home usually doesn’t happen in one fell swoop, so make a list of the rooms you want to tackle in order of priority.
  3. Nooks, crannies, and crevices – it’s all those hard-to-reach areas that you really want to focus on during your spring cleaning sessions. Vacuum under couch cushions, wipe down baseboards, change the air filter of your heating unit, and track down every errant dust bunny.
  4. The fridge – now is a great time to check expiration dates and toss any old food. Once you’ve done that, remove the remaining contents, wipe down each shelf, and organize your food items as you return them to the fridge.
  5. The medicine cabinet – go through the medicine cabinet, paying particular attention to prescription and over-the-counter medication expiration dates. Some pharmacies have medication disposal kiosks. Safely removing unwanted medication from the home allows your seniors to stay safe, healthy, and independent.

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Happy Spring from the Advanced Home Care Services family to yours!